Rent our Mobilopool® from one of our rental partners.

for extra party and event fun!


No permit required

Attractive price

Quick installation

The MobiloPool® is deliverable at short notice!

Dimensions: 6.5 m long x 2.95 wide x 1.35 deep (interior dimensions), depending on the respective rental company.

Choose one of our MobiloPools® and you will have guaranteed summer of fun!



Other possibilities


Huur onze Mobilopool®

voor extra feest- en evenementplezier!

The Mobilopool® is standard equipped with all the accessories needed to maintain the pool (a brush, a scoop-net and care & cleaning products). A swimming pool robot can also be purchased as an option.

The Mobilopool® is an autonomous pop-up swimming pool. In general, it can be installed anywhere where the truck you see in the picture above can pass and where a weight of 30 tons is allowed (water included). The water in the pool is heated (to max 30°) and is permanently filtered. In case of intensive use, daily addition of (included) chlorine is required. The installation only requires a 20A socket (e.g. washing machine or dryer) and water supply in a 25m radius from the pool. The technical room can be locked with a padlock.

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