A ready-to-use container pool in your garden?

It is possible thanks to MobiloPool®

Plug’n’swim pool


A Mobilopool® is a permit-free container pool that can be installed & ready in one day. We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers because we choose not to work on the basis of sea containers. MobiloPool can be placed above ground or semi-underground.

The pop-up-pool is 6.5 meters long, 2.95 meters wide and 1,35 meters deep.
Your MobiloPool® will be finished in a light grey polyester coting on the inside with a black outside finish.
You also have the option of adding an electric roll-up shutter with pvc panels on the pool.
Improved techniques make it possible for the panels to isolate the MobiloPool® and save on consumption.
We only work with fixed sizes, the mentioned sizes are the inside measurements.

Included in the purchase price MobiloPool®